Fire Rupert

# Updated 16-Dec-2014: Version 1.0.1 now approved by Mozilla and available for install/upgrade.

Checks any requested web addresses against a pre set blacklist (Master List of Murdoch owned web properties) and, when a match occurs, redirects to a notification page on the website.  That page gives you the option to: go back, view Google's cache of the page, search Google for similar pages, or to allow the page (greylist) for a set period of time.


Currently our third release (v1.0.1) is available on the Mozilla Add-ons page. It improves on 1.0 by not catching sites that end with a blocked site like anymore.

Please try it out if you can and let us know what you think - good and bad,  We want to develop tools that people love to use.


Available from: [Mozilla Add-ons]


Or Download and install directly from our repository.